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https://youtu.be/EMAvR_TfvbE Mark Phillips the founder of Nomad Stays coming to you live from the Rhone-Alps in France for a weekly update of Travel. What is covered in this update 🌎 Northern Summer now finished Distinct dropoff of bookings Many properties telling us they have forward bookings for next summer

https://youtu.be/LVIqeosqQlw Mark Phillips and Australian coming to you from the Rhone-Alps in France! What's happening with "the Future of travel" this week - 5 August Mark Phillips is a businessman first and a chartered accountant so his eye is on always-on global business so that why he is sharing

Dateline: France, Rhone River. 20 Aug 2020 What's Happening With The future of Travel This Week? Since the beginning of COVID 19, our team has been bringing you a weekly update of the future of travel, created a community for our Nomads and for our stays. These groups

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