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https://youtu.be/KDZ6yNofv8A This week Mark talks : 2nd wave sudden quarantine closures Rolling entry blockages The risk of not being able to return Supply shortages and price spikes in places, (rental cars and regional accommodation.) Massive price drops in others. New properties openings with great deals in many places The lack

https://youtu.be/LVIqeosqQlw Mark Phillips and Australian coming to you from the Rhone-Alps in France! What's happening with "the Future of travel" this week - 5 August Mark Phillips is a businessman first and a chartered accountant so his eye is on always-on global business so that why he is sharing

Dateline: France, Rhone River. 20 Aug 2020 What's Happening With The future of Travel This Week? Since the beginning of COVID 19, our team has been bringing you a weekly update of the future of travel, created a community for our Nomads and for our stays. These groups

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