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Linda on her trip around Australia on her motorbike  Picture taken the day she completed 23,000 Km a lap of Australia taken in Longreach. Ex Qantas International Flight attendant hence the 747 Boeing in the background. By that photo, she had been a digital nomad for just under a year. 

This podcast is with Joy Taylor at Canvas Coworking

Ideas into reality interview with Founder of Nomad Stays 

Join Joy Taylor from Canvas Coworking as she interviews the founders of Nomad Stays Linda and Mark in this Podcast.

We share with you our journey of travelling the world while building our startup and how two Australians and Dog (CHO – Chief Happiness Officer) came to be living in the French Alps and building out their online booking platform for digital nomads and remote workers. 



Nomad Motivational quotes by Nomadstays.co

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